"Something with reclining leather seats that goes really fast and gets really shitty gas mileage!"
Ron Miller[src]

A 6000 SUX advertisement


2043 OCP 6000 SUX was a large 4-door, executive type car with reclining leather seats, cruise control, and a Blaupunkt radio. It additionally had a fast speed and the mileage of 8.2 miles per gallon.

The 6000 SUX was one of the demands of former city council worker Ron Miller if he was to release his captives. It was also used at one point by Joe P. Cox and blown up by Clarence Boddicker by his Cobra Assault Cannon.

Behind the scenesEdit


The 6000 SUX car.

Although the 6000 SUX is intended as a dig at the Pontiac 6000 ("the 6000 sucks"), it is reminiscent of the real-life Rover SD1 and to an extent the Citroen CX.

Two complete, fully operational SUX cars were built with parts for a third one that the pro­duction people blew up in Dallas. From the beginning they wanted a large four-door saloon, one that could be modernized to make it look more futuristic, so for the basic body they chose a '77 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, mainly because it had an interesting door window line.

The front section was removable as one piece and had a large air intake at the front and covers the whole front bonnet and headlights. The actual auto bodies themselves were made from fiberglass components. They mocked up the SUX in metal, foam and plastic, and then took fiberglass molds of it and made fiberglass parts. The wing mirrors were also made specially for the car.

The rear fibreglass section of the car is unusual in many ways. It has two upper air intakes behind the door at the rear, a large triple exhaust in the centre and higher above the ground than usual, and rear brake lights (the left side that is shaped like "IL") that also don't appear to have indicators. The rear window has a windscreen wiper. Much like the front section, it was made of fibreglass molds that lifted up like a hatchback.

The engine and interior were left unchanged from the original Oldsmobile.



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