Angie was a prominent member of the Nuke Cult, and Cain's lover. Like her lover and mentor, she was addicted to Nuke.


Angie often accompanied her lover, Cain, in their activities with the Nuke Cult. Among these were their presence in a Nuke manufacturing facility when it was raided by cyborg police officer RoboCop. She and Cain were able to calmly escape the fiasco.

She later helped ambush RoboCop at the old sludge plant the cult used as a base of operations and watched as fellow cult members disassembled the cyborg.

After Officer Duffy was discovered to have tipped off RoboCop to the sludge plant, Angie watched in horror as Cain had him eviscerated alive, having initially believed Cain only intended to scare Duffy.

RoboCop later returned to the planet with fellow police officers. As a result of this bust, Cain was apprehended and later died. Angie was devastated by Cain's death, but continued to work with Hob in cult activities.

As Hob attempted to make a deal with Mayor Marvin Kuzak, new cyborg officer RoboCop 2 attacked, killing everyone in sight. However, as the cyborg had Cain's brain, it recognized Angie and the two briefly bonded. However, the cyborg's mood changed suddenly when she told him that his new condition would be great, and it violently snapped Angie's neck.