Ann R. Key was a technology thief who lived in Old Detroit with her daughter Jordan and allies Lexx Icon and Abby Normal. She was a former slave of Doctor David Kaydick and was experimented upon by him which resulted in biotech chips being implanted in her brain that allowed Kaydick to torture Ann for failure to follow his commands.. With the assistance of her friends, Ann was able to rescue Jordan from Kaydick and they hid in Old Detroit.

In order to survive, Ann would run secret missions into Delta City to steal technology and other equipment from technology firms, such as Omni Consumer Products, for trade and supplies in Old Detroit. During one such raid on the S.A.I.N.T. Chamber, Ann attacked Ed Hobley and RoboCop when he attempted to arrest her. Ann and her allies were able to escape from OCP and returned to Old Detroit.

Later, after he had become a renegade pursued by RoboCable, RoboCop went into hiding in Old Detroit and was befriended by a young girl named Jordan. Jordan was, in turn, Ann's daughter. When RoboCop would sacrifice his own safety to protect Jordan, Ann would come to his rescue using her enhanced combat skills to rescue the cyborg and hold off OCP System's Support long enough for RoboCable to come to their support. Ann and her friends repaired RoboCop's systems and installed new equipment that increased his system's readiness. During this, however, Kaydick was able to find Ann and Jordan. Kaydick kidnapped Jordan, used Cable to kill both Abby and Lexx, and took Ann hostage. Ann was later rescued, but Kaydick escaped with Jordan. Ann swore revenge and, with the help of both RoboCop and James Murphy, she was able to go back to OCP Headquarters in an effort to stop Kaydick from uploading Legion into the S.A.I.N.T. program.

Ann, Murphy, and RoboCop were able to stop Kaydick from transmitting Legion with the help of Ed Hobley; however, in the process, Ann was killed after being infected by Legion.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Ann R. Key's name, like those of her friends, are similar to common words in the English language that represent their personalities. Ann R. Key is based on anarchy, which represents the lawless nature of her character.
  • In RoboCop: Prime Directives Meltdown, Ann uses a combat staff similar to a lightsaber from Star Wars. The base of this weapon was a modified version of Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber.
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