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Aubrey Fox was an OCP executive who worked as an assistant to the Chairman.


After the Chairman left for an unannounced ride-along with RoboCop, the worrisome Fox made his way to the Metro South precinct, learning that Sergeant Stanley Parks had also been unaware of the ride-along. When dispatch lost track of RoboCop's signal, Parks took Fox to Old Detroit, finding RoboCop's destroyed TurboCruiser but no sign of him or the Chairman, causing Fox's worry to increase.[1]

After returning to the precinct, Fox suggested lying to the media about the situation, a suggestion that upset dispatcher Bea, who left to be with her family. Following Mediabreak's honest report of the situation, Fox failed to calm a crowd that gathered outside of the precinct.[1]

When RoboCop's signal came back online, Fox went with the police to the scene where RoboCop, the Chairman, Norton, and Joe Avery fought off the Stompers, who were promptly arrested. Fox approached the Chairman, proposing that they present him to the media as a hero. However, the Chairman refused and walked away from Fox.[1]

Fox later assisted the Chairman in advocating for Josh Avery's transplant as well as procedures for other patients, assuring the Mediabreak audience that "OCP cares."[2]

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