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Bertha Washington was a member of the Old Detroit community that was evicted because of the Delta City project. She was a leading member of the rebellion that opposed OCP's Rehab forces.


During a mass eviction in Cadillac Heights, Bertha shouted to the citizens OCP's true intentions until two Rehab soldiers tried to silence her. However, she overpowered them and took a megaphone, allowing her to continue shouting to convince the citizens to stay.

Later, she took Nikko Halloran under her protection. When she and other resistance members managed to steal weapons and a prototype flightpack from an OCP armory, Nikko hacked the ED-209 unit on guard and used it to fire on the police, allowing the rebels to escape.

They sought refuge in a church and came to the aid of Officers RoboCop and Anne Lewis when the Rehabs attempted to oust those hiding in the church. After Lewis' death, Bertha helped the others and the damaged RoboCop to their sewer hideout. She later helped Dr. Marie Lazarus repair RoboCop.

Bertha was killed when Coontz double-crossed the resistance by selling information to the Rehab leader, Paul McDaggett. When the Rehabs invaded the base, Bertha fought bravely, but was shot down. Her last action was to tell Nikko to run as she succumbed to her wounds.