The C-1 was a motorcycle produced by OmniCorp in 2028. It was notably used by RoboCop as his primary vehicle.



The C-1 maxes out at 248 mph (397 km/hr.) but recommends sub-200 mph for optimal handling. Its liquid-hydrogen cooled 16-valve engine and 6-speed transmission system generates 197 horsepower with fluid mesh.


Solid strut forged wheels include brakes and rotor assembly inside wheel face. Dura-Polymeric technology reduces hydroplaning while ensures durability for on and off-road pursuit. Radial glo-lighting optional.

Command / FuelEdit

Embedded in the C-1 tail unit, OmniCorp C-series tracking technology enhances remote balance and navigation while empowering in-motion repairs. Override switch triggers pilotless riding functionality.


Carbon-tensile shielded for blast resistance, all vehicles are sculpted from the latest O-Force material. C-1 melds the reactive nature of graphene into a liquid-steel reinforced exoskeleton, individually form-fitted to the rider.




  • Controls evolve to infer rider intent
  • Remote 360-spotlight feature


  • Rider voice identification / response
  • "Threat" sensor package


  • "Eco-Respect" award for sound muting
  • 143% cut in emergency response time


  • Leader in vehicular search & rescue
  • Ice / desert prototypes in R&D chain

Tech SpecsEdit


  • 44.3 inch overall height
  • 1.12522 meters


  • Max road velocity, 397 km/h (248 mph)
  • Max off-road, 275 km/h (171 mph)


  • 375 miles on single fueling
  • Remote electric charge option


  • NAXO3i speed-cams w/ road stabilizer
  • Velo-Pulse mic tracking (0.05% distortion)


  • Carbon-tensile shielded
  • O-Force (graphene & liquid-steel)

Behind the scenesEdit

Paul Ozzimo did the initial design and the elements that were well received by Jose and production designer Martin Whist and which later served also as the inspiration for the work Vitaly Bulgarov did later. One of the main ideas for the bike was the ability of the RoboCop to lock-in and integrate with the bike when riding. Because of that, the arm rests and the leg rests were equipped with the magnet ports. Both the arm rests and the leg rests were also meant to be retractable. Fausto De Martini also did additional work on the bike during the final stage when it was being built.


  • As with the M2 Battle Rifle, Jada Toys seems to have based their C-1 toy on older concept art (see Gallery), as it still features white in its design, which, although present in early concept art, was removed from the design in the final film.
  • The C-1 is short for "Cruiser 1".
  • Based on several scenes and images, the C-1 appears to have guns built into it, but they are never seen used in film.



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