Cadillac Heights is where the people of Old Detroit made their stand against the Rehabs and Splatterpunks. Many will never forget standing alongside Detroit police and citizens of Detroit when Omni Consumer Products (OCP's) Rehab Team marched into Cadillac Heights. They came to remove families and destroy our neighborhood. It was during that time we stood together against a cooperation that wanted nothing more than to entrench itself further and accumulate capital by removing families from their homes to build Delta city, a vision of the future: disenfranchised citizens, devoid of voice and freedom. Our voices were finally heard when we used all means necessary to halt the Rehab's Team advance into our neighborhood and as we fought back. Barricading ourselves alongside police, the disabled, the disenfranchised, the elderly, we won the day. A day where we the people once again were free to choose their city's future and elected officials to carry on democracy in the great city of Detroit!

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