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Charlie Lippencott was the technician responsible for the upkeep of RoboCop's systems at Metro South.

He ran regular diagnostics on RoboCop. He was often corrected by Gadget, who learned more about the systems than he knew. He also designed some of RoboCop's internal circuitry. Although against OCP policy, he kept his prototype of RoboCop's motor circuitry in a cabinet.


Charlie hard at work on RoboCop

After RoboCop's apprehension of William Ray Morgan, Lippencott followed up with him, asking if there was any potential damage to him aside from any caused by the destruction of his cruiser. RoboCop noted that all of his systems were operational, to which Lippencott urged him to remain undamaged, particularly with the TurboCruiser, which he then presented to RoboCop and Lisa Madigan.[1]

Following an attack on RoboCop, which caused damage significant enough to bring him offline, Lippencott informed Madigan that while he did manage to save the cyborg's organics, OCP was unwilling to pay for repairs.[1]

The OCP Chairman later ordered Lippencott to reactivate RoboCop. However, Chip Chayken managed to sabotage RoboCop's memory banks, causing him to suffer from amnesia.[1]

Later, after RoboCop was suspected of the murder of Robert Taker, Lippencott showed RoboCop's recordings to Fraker, an OCP representative who ordered RoboCop's shutdown for a full internal affairs investigation. Lippencott contradicted Fraker's assertion that RoboCop was merely a robot, supporting the idea of the cyborg remaining online. This position was soon supported by Dr. Roger Yung and Fraker left in a huff. Lippencott then asked for Yung's assistance in analyzing RoboCop's refusal to violate his first directive, which was restricting evidence of RoboCop's innocence.[2]

Lippencott later assisted Detective Madigan in questioning Mayor Fred Friendly with use of a Vee-Ess Analyzer, which could not give any conclusive results. He surmised that this was because of Friendly's extensive political experience. Soon, Bambi Taker burst in and revealed that she and the mayor were together the night of the murder.[2]

After reprimanding Gadget for touching RoboCop's circuitry prototype, Lippencott made his way to Dr. Yung's lab at CyberTech and put forward his theory that Taker was actually killed by someone using the prototype of RoboCop's gun, which Yung then drew from a briefcase and held Charlie at gunpoint, confirming Lippencott's theory. Yung explained to him that he killed Taker to eliminate resistance to his project to create more RoboCops from Cryo-Vets and wished to frame RoboCop so he could perform a full autopsy on him. He threatened to frame Charlie for RoboCop's destruction, but once Yung was distracted by a camera feed of Madigan and Smith entering the building, Charlie attacked him.[2]

Yung managed to overpower him and prepared to shoot before Smith and Madigan entered. Yung lowered his gun, but shut off the lab's lights, allowing him to don the prototype helmet. This prompted a gunfight that ensued until RoboCop arrived and subdued Yung.[2]

Charlie provided to the police ISO Flow, a crowd control substance created by OCP. The substance would make any surface extremely slippery. He gave anti-slip boot covers to the police so they would not fall victim to ISO Flow's effects.[3]

When the precinct's dispatcher Bea left work to be with her family amid rising crime in Old Detroit, Charlie was left with Gadget to work dispatch. Charlie was uneasy about using the system, with Gadget correcting him as he set it up.[4]

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