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Chip Chayken was an OCP executive Vice President in charge of CyberSafe Concepts. In his efforts to provide NeuroBrain with a human brain, Chayken became known as the Dogtown Ripper after abducting thirteen homeless men to have their brains extracted.


Chayken hired Dr. Cray Z. Mallardo to work for him at Public Works, conspiring to harvest the brains of Old Detroit's homeless for use in the cybernetic computer NeuroBrain. In doing this, Chayken employed the Dogtown Boys to assist in abducting the homeless men. This was in conjunction with Fanny LaMour who would recruit boys into the Dogtown Boys if they were "too old" for adoption.[1]

During the presentation, Chayken's secretary Diana Powers stumbled and fell into Mallardo, prompting Chayken to try and fire her, but the Chairman urged him not to. Ultimately, the Chairman approved of NeuroBrain.[1]

After a twelfth failure by a homeless person's brain, Chayken and the Dogtown Boys abducted Henry Aaron Winkler to be used for NeuroBrain. Chayken became ill during the removal of Winkler's brain and when Mallardo told him to dispose of the man's corpse. He took the remains to the Dogtown Boys, telling the boys to dump them at a toxic waste disposal site.[1]

Chayken later called Fanny LaMour, who was growing uncomfortable with their Dogtown Boys arrangement and that James Murphy's mother had come looking for him after he ran away and was recruited by the gang. Chayken assured her that their arrangement would remain safe. The two then flirted, planning "sexercise" for the following day.[1]

After Winkler's brain was a failure, Mallardo and Chayken determined that a young, intelligent brain unaffected by unfortunate circumstances would be ideal. Diana Powers then walked in, the two men agreeding that her brain would be perfect for the project.[2]

As Chayken and Fanny exercised, Mallardo called him to inform him that RoboCop was conducting an investigation into Winkler's murder and that Mallardo was the prime suspect, despite Chayken's promises to cover any tracks. Chayken then planned to have William Ray Morgan terminate RoboCop.[1]

He went to the Henry Ford Center for the Morally Challenged, telling the staff that OCP was transferring Morgan to an experimental rehabilitation program. Providing Morgan with a Cobra Assault Cannon, the pair pulled up alongside RoboCop's cruiser as he arrested Mallardo. Chayken distracted the officer long enough for Morgan to emerge with the cannon and shoot RoboCop, disabling him and allowing Mallardo to escape custody.[1]

In a Mediabreak interview following the attack on RoboCop, he told the public to remember the good things about RoboCop.[1]

When questioned by Officer Lisa Madigan as to why OCP was unwilling to pay for RoboCop's repair, Chayken insisted that RoboCop was a machine and belonged to OCP. He denied Madigan's accusations against Mallardo, instead saying that the police were just trying to blame the victim.[1]

After Madigan informed Chayken that Winkler's remains had been found, Mallardo criticized him for allowing this to happen. However, Chayken assured that the body and evidence against the scientist had been taken care of.[1]

After its approval by the OCP board, NeuroBrain ran Delta City's MetroNet system which controlled traffic and utilities from within Public Works. This was unveiled by the chairman at the Shareware Expo, a presentation that was watched from afar by Chayken and Mallardo, the only two who were privy to the true intentions with the program. Chayken turned and was astonished to see Powers' face on the NeuroBrain display. After Mallardo killed three business executives for their insults against him, the two heard Powers' voice calling them murderers.[1]

After learning that the Chairman ordered RoboCop's reactivation, a panicked Chayken went to Mallardo, who dragged him to a care to tell him that Diana Powers' consciousness had full control of NeuroBrain and proposed a plan to kill her without damaging NeuroBrain's interface.[1]

During RoboCop's reactivation, Chayken managed to sabotage the cyborg's memory banks in order to destroy his evidence against Mallardo.[1]

While they waited to be forced into the room containing NeuroBrain, Mallardo described the virus he designed to kill Powers, which would also result in a period of civil unrest in response to brownouts and blackouts. Mallardo further asked Cheyken for protection, as he feared an attack by OCP.[1]

Chayken left Morgan in charge of the Dogtown Boys to fend off any opposition as they worked to destroy Powers. When he saw RoboCop enter the building after disabling the Dogtown Boys and Morgan, Chayken warned Mallardo about him. Chayken emerged from the building, feigning innocence until Gadget identified him as the Dogtown Ripper. Madigan promptly tried to arrest him, but he held a syringe to her neck until RoboCop arrived, distracting him long enough to let Madigan turn his needle on him, leaving him petrified as he was taken into police custody.[1]