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Clarence Boddicker was the criminal that murdered Alex Murphy, causing him to get rebuilt into RoboCop. His headquarters was a ZipChip factory in Delta City. He piloted a high-tech military aircraft and was using it to steal "biochip" technology from OCP, using them to make illegal ZipChip collars.

RoboCop still carried a grudge against Boddicker for his own murder and angrily went after him, replaying the visual recorded sequence over and over. Boddicker was finally confronted by RoboCop in his new Robo-Copter. Boddicker then begged Robocop for his life as the cyborg officer drew his gun and took aim directly at his heart. Lewis pleaded with Murphy to not let what Clarence did to him make Murphy a murderer as well. RoboCop relented and grabbed Boddicker and read him his rights. The murderous criminal was then thrown forcibly into the back of a police van and taken to jail.

Behing the scenes[edit | edit source]

Unlike in the film, Boddicker was never killed by RoboCop in the animated series.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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