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Commander Cash was an advertising gimmick in RoboCop: The Series.

Commander Cash flag.jpg

Commander Cash was the corporate mascot of OCP. His personae consisted of a stereotypical caped superhero, complete with mask, lantern jaw, chest emblem and heroically melodramatic speech mannerisms. Commander Cash's insignia mirrored the design theme of the OCP logo.

Commander Cash and his sidekick, a female superhero known as Major Marketing, frequently appeared in animated commercials, saving citizens, all the while spouting the OCP company line. He usually advertised a specific OCP product and/or service, which often played a role in the victim's "rescue".

His purpose was to be a marketing ploy for OCP to promote a softer, consumer-friendly company image and to distract the public from its shadier operations. The ploy was an unmitigated success, as kids were shown to love him and want toys based on him as most adult consumers also bought into it. Commander Cash appearances (An OCP flunky in a similarly cartoony costume) at public events often drew large crowds.

An action figure of him existed in real life as part of Toy Island's toyline based on the TV show. He came with a working parachute. His bio listed him as "OCP's twisted super hero"

In the episode "RoboCop vs Commander Cash", he was portrayed by professional wrestler Roddy Piper, with Simon Atwater's attractive but ditzy secretary Brittany (Portrayed by Lisa Howard) dressed up as Cash's sidekick; Major Marketing.