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Dr. Cray Z. Mallardo was the inventor of NeuroBrain, the man/machine interface necessary to run MetroNet.


On the way to a presentation to the OCP board, Mallardo laughed off Diana Powers' assertion that Mallardo's plan for NeuroBrain was akin to something a dictator would use, specifically Hitler. To this, Mallardo referred to Hitler as an amateur. Mallardo presented NeuroBrain to the OCP board, projecting its result as a utopian society.[1]

With Chayken, Mallardo used the brains of abducted homeless people to serve as NeuroBrain's organic components. These thirteen candidates, Henry Aaron Winkler being the last, were unsuitable for the project. Frustrated with the results, Malladro determined that an intelligent, young brain undamaged by life would make a perfect candidate. When Diana Powers walked in, Mallardo and Chayken both felt Powers' brain would be perfect.[1]

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Mallardo discovered that RoboCop was conducting an investigation into Winkler's murder, with Mallardo as the prime suspect. Concerned, he called Chayken, who assured that William Ray Morgan would take care of RoboCop for them. When RoboCop came to arrest Mallardo, Mallardo feigned police brutality to create misleading footage of the officer's conduct. As RoboCop put Mallardo into his TurboCruiser, Morgan shot RoboCop through the chest and Mallardo was freed from his custody.[1]

Mallardo criticized Chayken for allowing the police to find Winkler's body, but Chayken said that the body and evidence against Mallardo had been taken care of.[1]

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Mallardo and Chayken watched as the OCP Chairman unveiled MetroNet, oblivious to their true intentions. Seeing on a security cam some business executives criticizing Mallardo, he sent their elevator plunging, killing them. The two then heard Powers' voice calling them murderers.[1]

He later went to the Chairman, revealing that he was in control of Delta City through MetroNet and sought to make this legally recognized. However, the Chairman refused, prompting Mallardo to warn him not to use any elevators. He then took full control of OCP, attempting to kill executives in an elevator. However, NeuroBrain overrode this, the consciousness of Diana Powers in full control. He informed her of her power over Delta City, which she was reluctant to have.[1]

Mallardo informed Chayken of Powers' control of NeuroBrain, devising a plan that would kill her without damaging the NeuroBrain interface through use of a virus that, as a side-effect, would cause a period of civil unrest due to brownouts and blackouts.[1]

Mallardo and Chayken attempted to access the room containing NeuroBrain, but Powers locked them out, so Mallardo ordered for the doors to be cut open. He told Chayken about the virus and it effects and also asked for protection from OCP, fearing an attack.[1]

Upon gaining access to the room, Mallardo resisted an electric shock from Powers, as he was wearing a non-conductive suit. He began to upload the virus, being warned by Chayken that RoboCop was on his way. He retrieved a high-voltage cable and attacked RoboCop with it while managing to shut down the building's power. He believed this had killed Powers, but much to his dismay, the power quickly rebooted with Powers intact. He sought refuge in an elevator, but was trapped inside by Powers and transferred floor-to-floor at high speeds until he could be arrested.[1]

From prison, Mallardo managed to stay in contact with Pudface Morgan through use of a holograph. Together, they plotted revenge against OCP and Delta City through the development of No Gain, a diet pill that included verilium mutens narcosa (VMN), which caused users to become violently addicted. During a visit from OCP employee Kevin Frosh, Mallardo confessed this plot. Upon returning to his cell, he informed Morgan of the meeting.[2]