David Halloran was a resident of the Cadillac Heights area of Detroit.


David lived with his wife Keiko and their young daughter, Nikko.

One evening, Nikko was watching Mediabreak when Keiko told her to finish her calculus, as it was almost her bedtime. As the "warzone"-like mass evictions by the Urban Rehabilitators or "Rehabs" were reported, David urged Nikko to go to bed.

He later went to her room to check on her and noticed she was still awake. Nikko asked him if the television coverage of the evictions was true and he told her not to listen to it and that they were safe in their home. However, a wrecking ball smashed through the bedroom window, signaling their eviction, and the family escaped from their home.

During the chaos of the eviction, the couple were separated from Nikko and relocated. They were both later killed during an attempted escape from Relocation Village A-23.