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This article is currently missing information from RoboCop: The Series, RoboCop: Prime Directives, and the 2003 RoboCop game.

An advertisement for Delta City

Delta City was OCP's master plan for the ruinous expanse of crime-infested sprawl of Old Detroit, conceived by the "Old Man." His dream was for an efficient, clean and harmonious city, maintained and serviced by OCP and subdivisions, an unending project with unending rewards, policed by ED-209s, RoboCops and the OCP-funded Detroit Police Department.


Six months before the planned groundbreaking, labor leaders agreed to sanction construction of Delta City, a project that would create about a million of new jobs, but the citizens demanded protection from the hound of criminals that lurked the city. Vice President Bob Morton assured them that Security Concepts estimated that crime would be annihilated in a month, thanks to RoboCop.[1]

Construction was delayed less than two months[1] before the planned date, though plans continued and Delta City was unveiled to the public the following year. However, moments later, RoboCop 2 was also unveiled, which soon went on a rampage before being defeated by RoboCop.[2]

After being bought out by the Kanemitsu Corporation, OCP continued its plans to make Delta City a reality. They employed the mercenary group, the Urban Rehabilitators or "Rehabs" to evict citizens from certain neighborhoods in order to make way for Delta City. Despite this effort, the Rehabs were soon defeated by an uprising and OCP's stock dropped dramatically, leading to the CEO being fired by Kanemitsu.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

An early indication of the viability and sincerity of this project is revealed when lovably innocent junior executive Mr. Kinney is blasted onto a model of Delta City and machine-gunned to death by a malfunctioning ED-209. The script goes into detail about how Kinney's blood flows in miniature rivers through the model's streets and between squashed skyscrapers.