The Desert Eagle model of pistol features fairly prominently in all three films.

Clarence's Desert EagleEdit

Clarence wields a customised Desert Eagle .357 as his sidearm of choice throughout the film. It has a threaded muzzle to accept a silencer. He switches to a stock .357 Desert Eagle during the shootout at Sal's drug factory. Good thing too, because it was confiscated after the fight.

Dick Jones' Desert EagleEdit

Dick Jones gave a nickel plated Desert Eagle to Mr. Kinney during the ED-209 demonstration. The gun is still in the same board room when RoboCop attempts to arrest him, when he used it to take the Old Man hostage.

Hob's Desert EagleEdit

Hob uses another nickel plated Desert Eagle .44 magnum to shoot RoboCop in the visor during the second film, after RoboCop had cleared out the nuke factory. Hob takes advantage of RoboCop's directives that prohibit him shooting minors to empty a shell point blank into his visor, stunning him and also cracking the visor. The little scamp!

McDaggett's Desert EagleEdit

Paul McDaggett uses an IMI Desert Eagle Mark 1 .357 Magnum as his sidearm.

Behind the ScenesEdit

RoboCop's original pistolEdit

The nickel plated Desert Eagle used by Kinney to (overly effectively) threaten ED-209 and by Dick Jones to take the Old Man hostage was supposed to be RoboCop's original gun pre-production, but it looked too small in his hands once the suit was on, which was the reason the producers built the Auto 9.

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