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Detroit City is a mixture of corporate plazas and urban sprawl, towering glass and concrete monuments to capitalism and decaying, filthy hovels of the poor and desperate. Streets are not cleaned, crime goes unchecked and urban environments are left to disintegrate.

Nowhere is this more apparent than on the banks of the River Rouge, dotted with the ramshackle shells of factories and warehouses, the empty buildings have become a magnet for ne'er-do-wells, down-and-outs or worse. Few sites are more imposing and true of this than the huge old steel mill that plays host to two of the most important scenes in the first film.

Law Enforcement[]

The Detroit Police Department is the main law enforcement system in Detroit, which was privatized by Omni Consumer Products.


Lee Iacocca Elementary School is the only known school in Detroit.




  • Detroit Steel is a tag-team Kombat team



The Detroit Subway is the main rapid transit system for the city of Detroit and it's neighborhoods, the Detroit Subway has an unknown amount of stations, unknown system length, and unknown amount of lines.


Omni Consumer Products is the main organization that privatized Detroit's government. Once the Kanemitsu Corporation bought OCP, it was the parent company of OCP.

The Boddicker Gang was a criminal gang that ruled Old Detroit. They were partners with OCP president Dick Jones. All of the members were killed by Robocop.

The Nuke Cult was a fanatical drug organization that dealt in a drug known as "Nuke”. All of the members were killed by Robocop 2.

Sal’s Drug Operation was a small time drug operation in Old Detroit. They were all killed in a shootout with Robocop.