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The Detroit Police Department is a privatized police force owned by Omni Consumer Products. OCP took on the responsibility of funding, running and secretly undermining the police precincts to further their own goals. By holding back funds from the department they ensure that cops cannot do their jobs effectively.

With the city patrolled by a demoralized and insufficient law enforcement people would turn to OCP and their response would be to put an ED-209 on every corner. This method is also used to prepare the RoboCop program by successfully producing an under-equipped blue collar as a viable stiff ready for submission to the transformation process, as was the case of Alex Murphy.

Threatened by RoboCop, OCP executive Dick Jones orders the entire Detroit Police to destroy him even though most of them refuse to initially. The one exception being Lt. Hedgecock who follows orders and led the assault. However, Lt. Hedgecock fails to do so, when Anne Lewis interferes, saving him and helping take out the mobster Clarence Boddicker who was contracted by Richard to eliminate Murphy. Even going so far as to free his recently incarcerated gang, The Old Man fires Dick Jones for murdering Bob Morton and taking him hostage, putting the termination orders to an end after the former's corruption had been revealed. Following these events, Hedgecock was allegedly fired from the SWAT unit with the special forces team itself being renovated to weed out like-minded individuals. The police strike continued while Old Detroit descended into further decadent anarchy, RoboCop is then tended to and the damages sustained from battling ED-209 are fixed so he can continue his habitual beat.

Just as the drug-fueled Nuke Cult led by Cain was on the rise. After Robocop was captured and torn apart by the drug baron and his followers, Murphy is subsequently repaired but now programmed with a host of obtuse and obstructive new directives which greatly hampered his conductivity. Eventually, the cyborg would overcome these imposed limitations and lead the Detroit Police force, alongside the refurbished SWAT Force backing them, on an assault against Cain's drug production facility/hideout. A couple of coppers battle with Robocain at the OCP Civic Centrum.

After the Robocop 2 incident where dozens of people were gunned down by yet another faulty production of OCP, the cops are back on active duty but now find contention with their employer's ruthless methods of Urban Rehabilitation for Delta City construction. As the morally bankrupt company has taken to hiring mercenaries coming out of the Amazon War, the brass at Omni Consumer Products wanting the police to act as liaisons to said unscrupulous weekend warriors in forcing people from their homes in preparation for citywide renovation. When the leader of the Rehabs; Paul McDaggett guns down Robocop's partner Lewis, with Murphy placated with the blame for it. The police are hard-pressed to Donald Johnson to aid the Rehabs in pushing people out of Cadillac Heights, Sgt. Warren Reed refused to aid in strong-arming the public they're precinct was made to protect and serve. Leaving the station while dropping his police badge in protest with many under his supervision doing the same.

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