Dougy was a member of a gang led by Clarence Boddicker.


Following a robbery, the gang was pursued by Officers Alex Murphy and Anne Lewis. The chase ended when Bobby was thrown on the police cruiser's windshield, allowing the rest of the gang to escape to a nearby steel mill.

Dougy and Emil later discussed money-making, which Dougy felt was inferior to stealing it. Emil offered him a cigarette, but he declined, stating that they were deadly.

The two sat down and watched It's Not My Problem! on television before Officer Murphy burst in. Despite a warning, Dougy went for his shotgun and was instinctively shot and killed by Murphy.

RoboCop: The Animated SeriesEdit

In the intro for each episode, an abridged version of Officer Murphy's murder from the film is played out. Murphy is arresting Emil and Dougy, while Clarence, Joe, and Leon sneak up on the officer and open fire.