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"You're a rotten cop."


Duffy was a corrupt officer of the Detroit Police Department, and one of the few officers who did not participate in the police strike.


Duffy was a corrupt, Nuke-addicted individual who supplied police information to the Nuke Cult so Cain could stay one step ahead of the law, and in return, Duffy was paid in money and Nuke.[1]

RoboCop and Anne Lewis got wind of this and tracked Duffy down, with RoboCop denouncing Duffy's corrupt behavior and demanding he reveal the location of Cain's hideout. Duffy first denied involvement but relented when RoboCop used physical force to intimidate Duffy, ironically by bashing his skull against the glass bezel of an arcade cabinet.[1]

Later on, Duffy was lured to a backstreet surgery and, in front of a horrified Hob and Angie, Cain had him eviscerated alive as punishment for double-crossing him.[1]