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Fanny LaMour was vice president of OCP's Family Services and played guitar on a television program called the Rainbow Playroom with the children of Family Services. She sings the song "Hug the Children" in the ads for contributions which were said to be for children regardless of their "race, creed, color or gender." Despite her gentle nature on-camera, she actually treated the children in her care terribly and with nothing but contempt. Secretly, she used Family Services as a means of recruiting boys "too old" to adopt into the Dogtown Boys, a gang of thugs manipulated and used by her lover Chip Chayken for his own nefarious needs.


Just prior to filming an ad, she threatened a boy to act cute or else he be turned over to the Dogtown Boys. An assistant brought to her Nancy Murphy, who was searching for her son, showing her a video of him recorded the previous Christmas. LaMour said she had not seen Jimmy and excused herself.[1]

She answered a video call from Chayken, expressing to her growing discomfort with their arrangement. The two of them flirted, planning "sexercise" for the following day.[1]

When Sergeant Stanley Parks came to Family Services to find Gadget, the girl was absent, but LaMour told her that she was merely in bed, so he should come back the next day. However, the two saw Gadget on Umberto Ortega's What's on Your Mind? and Parks left, remarking to LaMour that he knew where Gadget had learned to lie.[1]

Now exposed by the media, LaMour resigned from her position.[1]