Thats not my problem

A screenshot of the show

It's Not My Problem! was a comedy show on television, apparently a big hit with a diverse audience. Many of Old Detroit's residents were fans of the show, including store owners, powerful executives, violent street hoodlums, and cops.

The program centered around Bixby Snyder, a drunken, crass, scruffy, middle-aged man in glasses, who got into a variety of unusual, unlikely, slapstick situations, more often than not including one or more women of questionable moral standing. The main character was generally offered some incredibly lucky or rewarding prize, to which the main character invariably laughed hoarsely and ejaculated his catchphrase: "I'd buy that for a dollar!"

Naturally, the residents of Old Detroit found this a never-ending source of hilarity.


  • "Wow, a CAKE?! Oh BOY!": Right before Bixby proceeds to shove the cake, shaped like female breasts, right into the breasts of one of the women.
  • "Well, hey, can I have you BOTH?!"
  • "I'd buy THAT for a dollar!"
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