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"WOW! Can you do that Dad?!"[src]

James "Jimmy" Murphy was the son of Ellen and Alex Murphy.


TJ LazerEdit

Jimmy lived with his parents at 548 Primrose Lane, where he enjoyed watching a cop show called T.J. Lazer. Following the death of Jimmy's father at the hands of Clarence Boddicker and his gang, he and his mother moved away. Unbeknownst to them, Alex's remains were used in the construction of cyborg police officer RoboCop.

Later, while walking around his old house, RoboCop had a flashback of Jimmy watching T.J. Lazer on TV. He turned to his Dad and said, "Wow. Can you do that Dad?" RoboCop then found a picture of Alex, Ellen, and Jimmy in the kitchen, triggering a flashback to Halloween, where he set up the camera to take the picture, in which Jimmy was dressed as a devil.

Move from Primrose LaneEdit

RoboCop began stalking the Murphys after they moved away. One day while parked outside their new house, RoboCop saw his wife checking the mail as Jimmy pulled up on the lawn on his bike and walked inside with his mother, who could see the cyborg watching them. Shortly after this incident, Ellen took legal action against OCP and RoboCop stopped checking on them.


  • Jimmy's first name is mentioned by his father in the first film and in the ending credits of the second film. In the ending credits of the first film he is listed as "Murphy's son."
  • In the first film, Jimmy appears only in RoboCop's flashbacks. He briefly appears in person in the second film.