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Jeff Fleck was an executive at Omni Consumer Products, the head of the Security Concepts division.


After RoboCop disobeyed orders to continue the pursuit of a group of rebels rebels, Fleck was instructed by the CEO to oversee RoboCop and get him to help the Urban Rehabilitators or "Rehabs" clear Cadillac Heights for demolition in order to build Delta City.[1]

Fleck went to RoboCop's technician, Dr. Marie Lazarus, who told Fleck that RoboCop disobeyed a direct order because he did not agree with it. In response, Fleck told her that he was just a machine, to which she argued that RoboCop was Alex Murphy and reasoning that if OCP wanted a robot, they should not have used a human for it in the first place. Fleck then commanded her to remove RoboCop's emotions through the use of a chip that could remove it, giving her the ultimatum that he follow this order or find a new job.[1]

Later on, RoboCop was involved in a shootout between the Rehabs and a group of rebels. Officer Anne Lewis was killed in the firefight and Rehab leader Paul McDaggett put the blame on RoboCop.[1]

Fleck called Lazarus, telling her to turn on Mediabreak, which reported the death of Lewis. Fleck told Lazarus that she should turn in her corporate ID and she could avoid being charged with any crime.[1]

Soon, OCP's condition worsened now that RoboCop had joined the resistance. While walking the OCP corridors with Johnson, Fleck heard an executive commit suicide by jumping out the window, to which Fleck said he would rather "eat a bullet" if he were to commit suicide. When he and Johnson entered the meeting room, Fleck told Johnson that OCP's real nail in the coffin was when they sold out to the Kanemitsu Corporation. Fleck was soon fired by the CEO and drew a pistol as he left the room, shooting himself moments later.[1]