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John Fraker was Vice President of OCP Security Concepts.


When RoboCop was suspected of murdering Robert Taker, Fraker went to Metro South to investigate. When questioning RoboCop about his activities between midnight and 2:00 AM the night of the murder, RoboCop answered that he was prohibited by his first directive. After being shown recordings from RoboCop's memory banks, he insisted that RoboCop be shut down for a full Internal Affairs investigation. However, this order was met with resistance by Detective Lisa Madigan and Dr. Roger Yung. As he left, Fraker ordered a hearing to be held for RoboCop the following morning.[1]

At the hearing, Fraker revealed to the council that RoboCop's Auto 9 firearm could only be used by himself. With this evidence in addition to what was previously found, Mayor Fred Friendly ordered a full internal affairs investigation and RoboCop's deactivation. However, RoboCop feigned taking Madigan hostage and the two escaped together.[1]