John Terrance Cable was Alex Murphy's former partner, prior to the latter's reconstruction as RoboCop. Through Murphy, he is slain by a scheming OCP executive (his own ex-wife, Sara Cable) and resurrected as a cyborg identical to RoboCop, save for color and the addition of a second sidearm, along with a slightly different information spike.

"RoboCable's" first mission is to destroy RoboCop, but after several battles, Cable is convinced to join Murphy.

Later a chip is implanted in him by Dr. David Kaydick that causes him pain if Kaydick activates it and can even kill him if set high enough, giving Kaydick effective control over Cable.


John T. Cable was Alex Murphy's former partner. He and Murphy parted ways when Cable took the law into his own hands and Murphy requested a transfer to Metro West.

He was more recently assigned to Delta City as Chief of Security. He was called to the scene of a hostage situation lead by the criminal group Da Bomz. He was shocked to learn of the zero fatalities policy OCP had implemented. He displayed a certain amount of disgust for the idea and was ready to go in guns blazing when RoboCop arrived. Although he approved of RoboCop's handling of the situation he couldn't help feel that he was no longer needed. In fact he felt that none of them were needed anymore.

Cable's ex-wife Sara Cable was an OCP executive. She had RoboCop track down and kill John Cable during an engagement with Bone Machine. He was then resurrected as OCP Crime Prevention Unit 002, a cyborg almost identical to RoboCop.


  • Cable is not the only one of Murphy's former partners who acted out of conduct, only to be used by OCP. In the episode Tin Man of the live-action series, Murphy is shown to have had a partner, Philip Malloy, as a rookie, who was sent to prison for excessive force. While he was in prison, Malloy became the subject of an OCP experiment to separate his emotions from his consciousness, and forced into action as a vigilante.