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Josh Avery was a resident of Old Detroit. He was the son of Joe and Ami Avery and suffered from a lung condition that required a transplant procedure.


Josh received his first lung transplant from Dr. Janet Bailey. However, the set of black market lungs he was given were damaged as they had been originally sourced from an Omni Mediplex patient who died of tuberculosis[1] and they began to fail as his body rejected them.[2]

Josh's parents prepared to take him to the hospital, but the Stompers gang prevented them from doing so. Josh's father helped rescue RoboCop after he had been attacked by the gang. Josh showed to him a clown doll that his father fixed for him, hoping that he would be able to do the same for the damaged RoboCop. Josh's wish was answered as his father successfully repaired RoboCop, who helped fend off the gang to allow Josh to be taken to the hospital to receive a new lung transplant, courtesy of the OCP Chairman.[2]

Soon, the lungs intended for Josh were stolen by Dave and Louise, who were in the employ of black market organ dealer Dr. Ardo Detriti. Josh's condition continued to worsen, with his doctor, Elliot Marner, stating that he would only live for another day or two. However, RoboCop managed to find the lungs and return them with the assistance of Lisa Madigan and Diana Powers. Josh's lung transplant quickly proved to be successful.[2]