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Dr. Juliette Faxx was the head the OCP Attitude Adjustment team and became the psychologist responsible for overseeing the RoboCop 2 project.


After watching a series of failed RoboCop 2 demonstrations, she explained that police officers were not the ideal prototypes to become cyborg donors. Being a physical bunch by nature: the stripping of their sinuous selling points causes them to become suicidal. Fax theorized that RoboCop's success was explained by Alex J. Murphy's sense of duty and devotion to religion which kept him alive, but this was an exception. A charmed Old Man wished to hear more from the bad doctor' despite Donald Johnson's protests.[1]

Faxx proceeded into looking up criminal profiles pertaining to those on death row, to use them as donors for the project, believing that such minds would embrace the nature of being a cyborg easier. This drove Dr. Schenk mad, who left the room threatening that she would lose her job for such an insane scheme.[1]

Johnson visited the Old Man in his private suite and mentioned Schenk's objections, going on to profess how Faxx's project for screening homicidal lunatics and/or sociopathic butchers purposely held the original RoboCop offline; as repairs were continually being withheld after he'd been dismantled by the Nuke Cult. Johnson was surprised to find Faxx there, having engaged in a romantic relationship with the Oni Consumer Products CEO. Johnson said that a competent executive would find a way to deal with the corporate image problem, something that Faxx and the Old Man had already discussed and arranged for Johnson to implement her ideas.[1]

Faxx later addressed an OCP council, who were all worried about RoboCop's violent behavior. Proposals included from being a moral model to addressing environmental issues, much to Johnson's derision, which didn't dishearten Faxx.[1]

As a result, OCP decided to leave RoboCop's repairs and reprogramming up to Faxx, first into believing that he was a machine unit, free from doubt and difficult choices. Then inputting over three-hundred meaninglessly contrived directives into RoboCop. While on patrol, even despite all of the moronic new system piloting's; RoboCop had managed apprehending and seriously wounding the Cult's deranged leader Cain. Sensing opportunity in the situation, Doctor Faxx opted to transfer the of said homicidal zealot into OCP's newest crime prevention unit.[1]

Her reasoning was that the criminal might find the concept of immortality desirable, and his addiction to Nuke would be the ideal way to control him. She turned Cain's life support machine off, killing him, and notified Dr. Weltman to contact the organ harvest team. She became strangely attached to RoboCop 2 and used his Nuke addiction to control him, again ignoring Schenk's prohibitions to illicit narcotics being introduced within the laboratory.[1]

When Poulos informed the company that the Mayor Marvin Kuzak was going to solve his problem with the debt to the company, thus foiling OCP's plans of foreclosure, Faxx suggested using RoboCop 2 to avert the transaction with his benefactors.[1]

At the grand presentation of the new bionically enhanced law enforcement operative. RoboCain began to showcase irregular behavior due to the Old man waving around a vial of Nuke during a Delta City presentation. Her employer demanded he but shut down but her control apparatus used to dominate the new law enforcement drones cybernetics were non-responsive. Whence the original RoboCop made his grand entrance, addressing the murder machine as Cain; Faxx shrieked at him to begone from the area. Citing the prior model as obsolete, but them Mayor Kuzak jumped up out of fear and revulsion as he bore witness to the new generation police cyborg's rampage. Faxx in her overconfidence boasted RoboCop 2/Cain wasn't a threat to anyone so long as she held the remote that operated all of his systems. A sense of control which was quickly rendered moot when her creation snatched up and destroyed her only means of collaring him. Flying off into a violent rampage resultant in his shooting up half the attendees to the presentation.[1]

Even after her project went wrong and RoboCop 2 started attacking people in and around the Civic Centrum, Juliette had be forcibly dragged bucking and screaming out of the auditorium by OCP enforcers as Cain went on a rampage.[1]

When the battle reached its near conclusion outside of Delta Cities ignition point, Faxx was present as the old guard battled the new generation, still showing concern and delight over her deranged constructs wellbeing as it was peppering citizen & cop alike with chain fire. After the battle she and the Old Man left the Civic Centrum in a classy limousine, ignoring the press who tried to speak with them. Unbeknownst to her, the Old Man had just given the go-ahead for Johnson and Holzgang to organize a criminal investigation against Faxx. The company seeking to hold her accountable for the RoboCop 2 catastrophe.[1]


  • In Frank Miller's comic format of the original script for RoboCop 2, Faxx was named Margret Love and was the main villain of the setting. When her plans went bust she put her own mind into the new RoboCop 2 cyborg to battle it out with Murphy.