Kaplan was a member of the Detroit Police Department.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Murphy's arrival[edit | edit source]

Following a shower, Kaplan talked with his comrades in the locker room as Officer Alex Murphy joined them, trying to convince them to go on strike. The conversation was halted by Sergeant Warren Reed, who entered with Cecil to remove Officer Frank Frederickson's belongings, indicating to the police that Frederickson had died. Reed then reprimanded them for their talk of going on strike.

Following the construction of RoboCop, Kaplan, along with Ramirez, Chessman and Lewis, witnessed the cyborg's marksmanship. Kaplan then pondered aloud whether they were all going to be replaced.

Kaplan, along with other officers, was summoned to the OCP parking complex, soon learning that SWAT Lieutenant Hedgecock had been given orders to destroying RoboCop by Dick Jones. Kaplan and several others protested this and left in disgust, effectively going on strike.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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