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Kevin Frosh was an Omni Consumer Products employee who oversaw the production of the diet pill No Gain with Dr. Cray Z. Mallardo.


Upon No Gain's success, Frosh suspected that it was responsible for a rise in Delta City's violent crime. He went to the Metro South precinct to retrieve arrest records.[1]

During an meeting that celebrated the drug's success, Frosh attempted to urge the Chairman into ordering further testing, but his protests fell upon deaf ears. After the meeting, he frantically ordered Cheddarman to take the drug off of the market.[1]

Frosh confronted the incarcerated Dr. Mallardo about the drug, learning that it was indeed intentionally addictive, as Mallardo sought revenge against OCP. Frosh then went to No Gain's distribution facility, as Cheddarman had failed to shut down production. Cheddarman drew a gun on Frosh and employed the help of several workers to pursue him.[1]

Frosh eventually ran into suspended police detective Lisa Madigan and the two were caught by Cheddarman and taken to his office. There, Cheddarman monologued about his vengeful plans with No Gain and gave Frosh a drink of pure verilium mutens narcosa, the active ingredient in No Gain, which immediately knocked Frosh unconscious.[1]