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Kinney was a young executive within the Security Concepts division of OCP.


On their way to a board meeting, Kinney wondered aloud to Bob Morton and Donald Johnson about the purpose of the meeting, to which Johnson speculated that they would greenlight the Delta City project. Morton knew that the purpose was to witness the unveiling of ED-209 by Dick Jones.

While they discussed a backup plan ordered by the "Old Man" for Bob, Kinney tried to admonish Bob to watch out for Jones, only to get an angry reply from him.

Jones chose Kinney to be the "arrest subject," using a gun in a threatening manner in order to demonstrate ED-209's abilities to the board.

After obeying the droid's instructions, dropping his weapon and complying with his "arresting officer," something went wrong in ED-209's programming and the machine continued to treat him as an armed, dangerous suspect. Despite attempts to placate ED-209, its technicians could not regain control over the machine. Kinney panicked as ED-209 coldly announced it was "authorized to use physical force," and opened fire with its cannons, riddling Kinney from head to toe.

Kinney is killed on the model of Delta City

Even after the young executive was lying prostrate upon the model of Delta City ED-209 did not stop firing, pumping round after round into his convulsing, perforated husk. Only when the technicians finally managed to "pull the plug" did ED-209 finally fall silent.

His fellow execs thoughtfully called a paramedic whilst examining his obliterated remains. His friends Morton and Johnson briefly pondered his death.