Leon C. Nash was a member of a gang led by Clarence Boddicker.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Murder of Alex Murphy[edit | edit source]

Following a robbery committed by the gang, Leon was the first of them to leap into action when Emil hollered that there was a cop on their tail on Industrial Way. The gang managed to escape to a nearby steel mill after throwing Bobby onto the pursuing vehicle.[1]

The officers soon caught up and Leon, along with Steve Minh, rescued Emil from the clutches of Officer Alex Murphy. After Clarence blew Murphy's hand off, Leon shot the rest of his arm off, and then, with the gang, peppered him with shotgun fire until running out of ammo. Clarence then finished off Murphy with a shot to the head.[1]

Facing RoboCop[edit | edit source]

In the intervening months, Murphy's remains were used to construct RoboCop, a cyborg police officer.[1]

At a nightclub, Leon danced until he was confronted by RoboCop, who demanded to know Clarence's whereabouts. He first tried to pull a gun on the cyborg, but RoboCop managed to disarm him, sending the gun flying into the hand of another reveler. Instead of alerting management, the man seemed very pleased and danced with it enthusiastically. Meanwhile, Leon feigned surrender, then kicked RoboCop in the metal crotch, causing Leon extreme pain. He collapsed and RoboCop grabbed him by the hair and dragged him away to be arrested.[1]

Nash was released with help from Dick Jones' lawyers after Clarence was assigned by Jones to eliminate RoboCop. He reunited with the gang, who experimented with their new Cobra Assault Cannons until Clarence was alerted to RoboCop's presence at the steel mill.[1]

During the showdown at the mill, playing cat-and-mouse with RoboCop, Leon bumped into Emil, who had been horribly disfigured by a tank of toxic waste. A shocked Nash screamed in horror, panicked, and ran away, fearing even being touched by his doomed comrade.[1]

Leon celebrates RoboCop's "defeat" before getting killed by Officer Lewis

As Clarence was cornered by RoboCop in the mill's runoff waters, Leon decided to use a massive crane, filled with scrap metal, to bury RoboCop. The plan worked, smashing RoboCop into the filthy water. He and Clarence had a short celebration, but just as Leon stuck his head out of the control room window to shout down to his boss, Officer Anne Lewis fired a shot with Clarence's discarded Cobra, destroying the control room along with Leon.[1]

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