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Lisa Madigan[src]

Lisa Madigan was RoboCop's partner at Metro South.

She tried many times to convince RoboCop to tell his wife who he really was, but was refused every time. She agreed to honor his choice and help him protect his family.


The evening after taking her exam for detective, Madigan responded to a hostage situation at Convalescence Services, where William Ray Morgan and his gang took a group of residents hostage. She updated Sergeant Stanley Parks on the situation at hand and watched as RoboCop arrived and entered the building, successfully apprehending William Ray Morgan.[1]

Following the arrest, Madigan praised Murphy's performance and informed him of her exam for the rank of detective, to which he voiced his approval. After arriving at the station, Madigan excitedly learned that she tested in the upper ten percent.[1]

After Charlie Lippencott showed Madigan and RoboCop the TurboCruiser, Gadget came running in. Surprised to meet RoboCop, the girl called him her hero. After Parks removed Gadget from the room, Madigan noticed that the girl prompted RoboCop to have a memory of Murphy's son Jimmy. She urged him to hell his wife and son his identity. He refused, believing it would be better for them to think he was dead.[1]

Following the disappearance of Henry Aaron Winkler, Madigan expressed concern for Winkler, noting that the case was not being investigated. She expressed her frustrations with Parks, who insisted on following department protocol. Taking it upon herself to investigate the crime, she went to the scene, finding chess pieces and a recruitment poster for the Dogtown Boys, determining their hideout to be located at the Ecoli Brothers meat plant.[1]

At the plant, Madigan watched a Dogtown Boys meeting and interrupted once they threatened the unreceptive Jimmy Murphy, who she fired a tracker at. The group dispersed and upon further investigation, she found the body of Winkler.[1]

Madigan and Murphy examined the remains at the morgue, where the coroner stated the cause of death to have been the removal of his brain and that it must have been performed by a doctor. RoboCop then extracted from Winkler's retina the last image he saw before his death: the face of Dr. Cray Z. Mallardo. When RoboCop told Madigan of this finding, she urged him to be careful and made her way to assist him at Mallardo's lab. Before she could arrived, however, RoboCop was shot through the chest and disabled.[1]

OCP unwilling to pay for RoboCop's repair, Madigan confronted Chip Chayken, who insisted that RoboCop was OCP property and denied her accusations against Mallardo, saying that the police were seeking to blame the victim in this case. OCP promptly destroyed all of the evidence in the case and Madigan sat by the offline Murphy, wishing that he could help her. She went to Parks to assistance, only to learn that OCP had ordered her transfer to the traffic department.[1]

She went to the OCP Chairman to report that RoboCop had evidence against Dr. Mallardo and request his reactivation. The Chairman did not hesitate to agree, giving the order to bring Murphy back online. However, RoboCop's memory banks were sabotaged by Chayken, causing him to suffer amnesia, thus losing the evidence against Mallardo.[1]

Without the evidence she sought, Madigan proposed that she and Parks build a case against Mallardo some other way, with Parks saying he will talk to Gadget, who told him she witnessed Winkler's abduction. Madigan then went to investigate the Dogtown Boys for evidence.[1]

Following the tracker, she found Jimmy, learning that he had run away from his home to live with Family Services, but they turned him over to the Dogtown Boys, a gang he did not want to join. Madigan then told him he could go to the precinct and talk to Parks. She then took Jimmy with her to Public Works to provide backup to RoboCop, urging Jimmy to call his mother while he sat in the car.[1]

There, Gadget saw Chip Chayken and told Madigan and Parks that he was the Dogtown Ripper. Madigan prepared to arrest him, but he held her hostage with a syringe filled with a drug he used to petrify his victims. Distracted by RoboCop, Chayken left his guard down, allowing Madigan to escape his grip and turn his needle against himself, petrifying him and allowing him to be easily arrested.[1]

Nancy Murphy soon showed up to the scene and Madigan reunited her with Jimmy. She asked Murphy if he thought it was the right time to reveal his identity to his family, but he declined, saying they needed a husband and father, neither of which he could provide to them. She was soon officially promoted to the rank of detective.[1]

Madigan soon questioned Mayor Fred Friendly about footage captured of him accepting money from Vladimir Molotov, head of Detroit's Russian mafia. Friendly offered no comment on the evidence. Moments later, protestors against RoboCop breached the precinct, so Madigan ushered Gadget away from them.[2]

After Reverend Robert Taker was murdered, Madigan questioned his wife and the mayor. Madigan expressed doubts of the mayor's alibi, wishing to perform a lie detector test on him. At the scene of the crime, Parks showed to Madigan an Auto 9 round, an ammunition that was known only to be used by RoboCop. Paired with the fact that the killer must have used thermographic targeting, OCP believed RoboCop to be responsible. Parks informed Madigan that an OCP representative had ordered the shutdown of RoboCop. Upon learning of this, Madigan stormed from the scene.[2]

She arrived at the precinct and found Lippencott showing the representative Fraker RoboCop's recordings, the last being the bribe footage. She learned that RoboCop was unable to disclose his activities for two hours the previous night, due to his first directive: "Serve the public trust." She further resisted against RoboCop's shutdown on the basis that he, as a police officer, should be allowed to defend himself during an investigation. Madigan was quickly backed up by both Lippencott and Dr. Roger Yung.[2]

At the hearing, Fraker presented evidence that RoboCop's gun could only be fired by himself. When Mayor Friendly ordered a full internal affairs investigation alongside RoboCop's shutdown, Murphy feigned taking Madigan hostage so the two could escape and continue investigating the case together.[2]

They were pursued by OCP internal affairs personnel. Once cornered, RoboCop asked Madigan to exit the car. She did so, promising that she would continue her investigation. Still believed by these authorities to be a hostage, Madigan went to them and watched as RoboCop backed the cruiser into a body of water.[2]

Using a Vee-Ess Analyzer, Madigan questioned Mayor Friendly, but due to his political experience, the machine could not discern his lies from the truth. Soon, Bambi Taker burst into the room, revealing that she and Friendly had been together the night of the murder.[2]

Madigan returned to the church, where she found Murphy and informed him of Friendly's elimination as a suspect. Just before internal affairs agent Smith arrived, Madigan was still unable to learn from Murphy of his activities during the time of the murder. Smith ordered for Madigan's arrest for aiding and abetting a criminal before pursuing RoboCop.[2]

Madigan accompanied Smith and his men to Yung's lab at CyberTech. She went inside with Smith, finding Yung preparing to shoot Lippencott, who quickly identified Yung as Taker's real killer. However, Yung managed to shut off the lab's lights and a gunfight ensued until RoboCop arrived and subdued Yung.[2]

Once it hit the market, Madigan began to use the diet pill No Gain and fell victim to its effects that created an urge to commit crimes. Notably, one day after beginning to use No Gain, Madigan was at home, but had the desire to go out and do something. This led to her stealing a vehicle from the police impound, speeding in it around Delta City. She was pursued by RoboCop and only stopped when a child stepped out in front of the vehicle. Sobbing and apologetic, Madigan was placed under arrest for speeding, reckless driving, evading arrest, endangering the public, and possession of an impound vehicle.[3]

RoboCop took her to the precinct and she was sent to Parks' office, where she explained what had happened, unable to explain or excuse her actions. She was placed on suspension, much to Gadget's dismay. She explained to Gadget that sometimes people do stupid things, despite having good intentions with their lives. She was given a ride home by Nancy Murphy.[3]

At home, she eventually frantically searched for some No Gain pills, nearly taking some before Gadget showed up, presenting her with evidence that No Gain was to blame for a large increase in violent crime, including her own. Madigan tossed away the pills and grabbed her gun, preparing to set out for the No Gain distribution facility.[3]

There, she found some No Gain pills outside and resisted the urge to take some before going inside. There, she found OCP employee Kevin Frosh and the two were taken hostage by Pudface Morgan, who was disguised as OCP employee Cheddarman. Pudface explained to them that he had developed No Gain with Dr. Cray Mallardo as revenge toward both OCP and Delta City. He then gave Frosh a drink of pure VMN, the active ingredient that caused the city's chaos. He then implied to Madigan that he planned to release the substance into Delta City's reservoir.[3]

Pudface revealed his true identity to Madigan when RoboCop arrived at the premises and used her as bait in a trap for Murphy so he could use a grenade launcher on him. Murphy briefly disabled Morgan with a can of ISO Flow, but struggled to make his way across the resulting pool of the substance. Madigan managed to break free from her restraints, dislodging a wedge from behind the grenade launcher, causing Morgan to fly across the room and miss a shot at Murphy. Murphy knocked out Pudface, then asked Madigan to arrest him.[3]

After a set of lungs intended for Josh Avery was stolen from the Omni Mediplex, Madigan learned from Dr. Elliot Marner that if the lungs were not recovered, Josh would live for only another day or two. After agreeing with RoboCop that the lung theft was an inside job, Madigan went to check on Josh when his room was put on alert. Once his condition stabilized, Josh's father Joe revealed that Josh's current set of lungs were actually a black market transplant arranged for them by Dr. Janet Bailey. Madigan took Joe with her to find Dr. Bailey, learning that she sourced the lungs from Dr. Otto Gilbert.[4]

After Gilbert was murdered, Madigan and RoboCop investigated the scene, concluding that the killing was somehow connected to Josh Avery. After RoboCop recovered the name Ardo Detriti – which also appeared on a list of owners of a van the organ thieves escaped in – Madigan continued investigating the case. She learned that Josh's previous transplanted lungs were afflicted with tuberculosis and originated from the Omni Multiplex.[4]

Madigan accompanied Murphy to Detriti's compound, where they apprehended Tom and Jerry, who attempted to take the lungs. At the precinct, an angry Murphy easily learned that the two men were working for Vince, a man who intended to buy the lungs for himself.[4]

After revealing to Marner about the diseased organs not being properly disposed of by the hospital, she found evidence that Marner was a former classmate of Detriti and was complicit in these acts. Madigan placed Marner under arrest.[4]

While dressed for a date that she would refer to as "a flash in the pan," Madigan answered an emergency call to an Omni Militech warehouse, where RoboCop had responded to a robbery and was stunned by the perpetrators. She was officially put in charge of the scene, where Parks presented to her a set of dogtags – the only evidence found by the forensics team. Vice President of Omni Militech Eugene Omar soon arrived and resisted revealing what was stolen, uneasy about the case being handled by a woman.[5]

Madigan determined that the dogtags had belonged to someone from Hard Company, a group of elite soldiers who had all perished nine years prior during the Amazon War. Madigan was then summoned for a meeting with Omar and the OCP Chairman, who showed her a video demonstration of a plasma cannon, a weapon designed to destroy the electrical systems of any enemy technology or personnel. Madigan expressed belief that details of the weapon should be made public, but Omar threatened her with treason.[5]

Back at the precinct, Madigan researched Hard Company was was shortly joined by RoboCop. They found that all of them were listed as killed in action, with no listed next of kin.[5]

After Hard Company member Lyle Vance's recently-deceased remains were found, Omar was summoned to the precinct, where Madigan presented to him their evidence that Hard Company was actually still alive. Omar confessed that Hard Company was actually a cover story for the Ghost Squad, a group of volunteer soldiers who would carry out top secret missions. Shortly thereafter, Hard Company invaded OCP Public Works, demanding that details of Big Sword – a project Hard Company was involved with prior to their supposed deaths – be released or else they destroy MetroNet, which would cause a decades-long blackout for Delta City. Having been fitted with an electrostatic dampening field, RoboCop went alone. After the situation was resolved, Madigan joined RoboCop, Gadget, and Parks in mourning Frank Uno, a member of Hard Company who was Murphy's childhood friend.[6]

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In the first episode, Madigan pops gum as an homage to Anne Lewis of the films.