"Modified M2 battle rifle. .50 caliber Beowulf ammunition at 30 round clips. Three-shot bursts or full auto. Heavy-duty."


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The M2 Battle Rifle was a "heavy duty" battle rifle chambered for .50 Beowulf manufactured by the OmniCorp Weapons Division and used by RoboCop. The M2 can fire in 3-round burst or fully automatic and can hold 30 rounds in one magazine. Although never used in the movie, the prop does have an under-barrel flashlight. The M2's under-barrel flashlight is an off-the-shelf FourSevens brand model MRL2-AA with a rubber bezel, tinted film and center "hot spot" suppressor. If RoboCop sensed he needed a weapon, or was threatened, his system would make his M2 available by deploying it from his left leg.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Production designer Martin Whist, art director Dave Scott and Vitaly Bulgarov, who is a huge RoboCop fan, worked on the M2 design. Vitaly had a chance to work on both early versions and the final designs of the M2. An idea for the M2 that ended up being featured on the Jada toys figures (see Trivia) was to have a "brace" hug his arm and have "OCP" on the magazine. One idea that "was also fun to explore" was having RoboCop's arm transform into a machine gun somewhat similar in design to the M2 (see Gallery), which was likely inspired by RoboCop's Gunarm featured in RoboCop 3.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The way the M2 extends from RoboCop's leg is a clear reference to how the Auto-9 extended from the original RoboCop's leg.
  • The Jada Toys RoboCop 1.0 and 2.0 figures come with an M2 accessory. Strangely, the accessory features a sort of "brace" which hugs the figure's arm, despite the "brace" not being present in the film. The weapon also features "OCP" on either side of the magazine, despite the OmniCorp logo being featured on the weapon in the film and OmniCorp having a larger presence in the film than OCP (OCP is however mentioned in the film). Like the C-1 toy, the figure's M2 seems to be based on earlier concept art (see Gallery).
  • When Mattox explains the M2 to RoboCop, he incorrectly uses "clip" when referring to a magazine.
  • Although it is called a battle rifle in the film, visually the M2 is far more similar to an SMG.
    • It is possible the M2 in question is a scaled down variant made specifically for RoboCop.

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  • NI-408, RoboCop's other weapon.

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