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Dr. McNamara was an OCP scientist of extremely questionable ethics. He was a cyborg with prosthetic arms and possibly prosthetic eyes. 

To the OCP Chairman and board of directors he puts up a front of obsequiousness, but away from their eyes and ears he is a petty, bitter man.

McNamara is the creator of ED-260. He hates RoboCop because the RoboCop program takes away much needed funding from his ED-260 program. As such he heavily invests himself into discrediting RoboCop so the directors will put more funding into his ED-260 program, which has been plagued with performance failures which he felt could be fixed if RoboCop wasn't taking up all the funding. To this end he will even stoop to funding criminals and providing them with weapons.

While being held captive by terrorists, Dr. McNamara was forced to use his new model ED-260a's to sabotage peaceful negotiations between two Middle East leaders. Initially McNamara complied because their plans also included destroying RoboCop. And RoboCop was actually at the closest McNamara ever got to actually kill him, After destroying one ED 260a, Dr. McNamara finally had him outgunned with two Ed-260a's working in unison. But after the terrorists revealed their intent to kidnap the Doctor afterward, McNamara grudgingly helped RoboCop by engaging the ED-260a's emergency shutdown protocols, enabling Murphy to capture the terrorists and rescue him. McNamara was cleared of any wrongdoing since he could honestly claim this scenario wasn't his idea.

Dr McNamara had an action figure in Kenner's "RoboCop and the Ultra Police" toyline. It revealed both arms are completely mechanical. The figure fired paper caps and came with an ED-260 control device.