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"This is Mediabreak. You give us three minutes and we'll give you the world."[src]

Mediabreak was a Detroit-area news program on Channel 9.


At the time of Alex Murphy's death and reconstruction as RoboCop, the program was hosted by Casey Wong and Jess Perkins, with their on-site reporter, Justin Ballard-Watkins.

News topics covered during this time were:

Roughly a year later, the following subjects were reported in Mediabreak:

Perkins was later replaced by Debbie Dix. During the time the Urban Rehabilitators were clearing Cadillac Heights for OCP, the following stories were covered:

Dix reported a story of RoboCop allegedly murdering three nuns and five clergy, but stormed off, believing the story to be "bullshit."

Non-canon appearanceEdit


Mediabreak's logo (abbreviated as MB) appears in one of RoboCop's intros in Mortal Kombat 11.


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