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Nancy Miner is an agent and partner of RoboCop. She appears to be a stand-in for Anne Lewis in the series and is a single mother.


Nancy Miner is a member of Alpha Division, a federal counter-terrorist agency whose main objectives is to thwart the terrorist acts by DARC (Directorate for Anarchy, Revenge, and Chaos). She had been working for many years, which she lost her partner to a robot during that time. She was also responsible for the arrest of Minotaur, a criminal who would stage a prison break out in one episode. During some point in her life, she married Joe Miner and had a son named Matt. However, she and Joe were never together as latter is constantly absent from family life due to his occupation as a Bravo Agent—which he would be assigned away from home while maintaining a facade as a socially awkward salesman to the point of Nancy's unawareness of his true profession.

At the start of the series, she thwarted an assassination attempt on Premier of Naugmenastan—whose death would lead the region to fall into chaos due to administering the only stable nation-state among its war-torn neighbors—but scolded by Alpha Division's director for her brash action even if she saved his life. She would be assigned to New Detroit as part of her mission to track one of the DARC's associates with a local partner, Robocop, a police officer transformed into a cyborg and currently maintained by Cornelius Neumeier. Due to her memories of her previous partner killed by a robot, she showed reluctance in cooperating with Robocop until later in the first episode. Both of them would saved Naugmenastan's leader from DARC's attempt and marked her first day as a New Detroit police officer.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Nancy Miner's first and last name is taken from Nancy Allen (actress who played Anne Lewis) and Michael Miner (co-creator of Robocop) respectively.
  • Due to her appearance along with that of her voice actor, Nancy was implied to have Asian ancestry.
  • Akiko Morison is the voice actor of Nancy Miner, which she would later voice Inspector Beth Lestrade (who is also a law-enforcement officer) in Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century and Dr. Naoko Yamada-Jones (who shared her resemblance) in Spider-Man Unlimited.