"There is a Nuke for every mood."
Cain, referring to his various versions of Nuke[src]

Nuke was a highly-addictive and most pleasurable narcotic that was made by the drug lord and leader of the Nuke Cult, Cain.

Unlike narcotics processed from agricultural sources or plant extract, Nuke was a designer drug, thus manufacture could be accomplished in near any location using widely available chemicals.


There were four known varieties of Nuke:

  • Red Ramrod
  • White Noise
  • Blue Velvet
  • Black Thunder

The original and most widespread variant was Red Ramrod.

Guy with nuke

The Old Man with a canister of Nuke

Following Cain's death, his brain was inserted into the cyborg, RoboCop 2 and it, like Cain before, was addicted to the substance.

Behind the scenesEdit

The tiny "container" that held the drug Nuke was actually a saline re-moisturizer for contact lens wearers in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The solution was dyed red and, in some shots, had a small needle sticking out after someone removes the covering to administer the drug.


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