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The Nuke Cult was a group of people who stood for the eponymous designer drug, Nuke.


Following the demise of the Boddicker gang, the Nuke Cult became the top crime syndicate in Detroit. The faction was led by convicted murderer Cain, who orchestrated the firebombing of a drug treatment clinic – killing five – and the assassination of the Surgeon General.

Although they had various Nuke manufacturing facilities around Detroit, the cult's primary base of operations was an old sludge plant along the banks of River Rouge. Cyborg police officer RoboCop attempted to raid this facility, but was disassembled by the gang.

After being repaired, RoboCop led a more successful raid at the plant, ousting the cult and ending in the hospitalization and death of Cain, effectively weakening the cult, as it dwindled down to Cain's lover, Angie, and the youth, Hob.

Setting up business at an abandoned warehouse, Hob assumed the position of the cult's new leader and tried to legalize Nuke through bribing the Mayor, Marvin Kuzak who sought a way to pay the town's debts to OCP. This plan was revealed to the company and Dr. Juliette Faxx, who chose the brain of Cain for RoboCop 2, sent him to the meeting, where he killed the two remaining members of the cult, ironically making the founder of the Nuke Cult also the demise of it.

Known members[]