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Omni Consumer Products/Prime Directives (OCP) was a corporation based on Detroit, Michigan.


By 2000, OCP was being manipulated by a brash young executive who, through murder and reallocation of resources, ascended to power to automate Delta City under a new artificial intelligence called S.A.I.N.T. This was manipulated by the cyber-terrorist David Kaydick, who sought the destruction of the human race through a virus called Legion that could be introduced to computers and human beings alike. In a flashback, RoboCop remembered working with John Cable. During the conversation, Cable claimed that Detroit was a cesspit and Murphy suggested "Well maybe this whole OCP thing'll do some good. Get some more money in the department, some more cops on the street." To which John replied, "You really wanna trust your life to a conglomerate, Murphy?"

Lowe Technologies was a known division of the corporation.

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