Otomo was a series of ninja-like androids manufactured by the Kanemitsu Corporation. At least three were sent to help Urban Rehabilitators leader Paul McDaggett and the OCP CEO overcome the resistance of anti-OCP militia forces. They were also tasked with destroying RoboCop, should they ever meet him in conflict.



Otomo meditating

An Otomo meditates

The Otomo was a series of humanoid androids with enhanced strength, speed and reflexes. It was armed only with a katana, which Otomo had great skill wielding, but had also shown great skill in the use of firearms. The Otomo android also had a safety feature which, if defeated, would detonate a miniature nuclear device.


The first Otomo android sent to Detroit met with the CEO of OCP and then set out to find the rebel hideout. It hunted down and killed a group of rebels, stealing an overlay for a map in the process and then stole a map from a gas station and placed the overlay map over it.

Having discovered the location of the rebel base, it arrived to find that McDaggett and his team had already cleared it out, but the android decided to wait in case RoboCop showed up.

RoboCop indeed arrived and was attacked by the Otomo. It flipped through the air, kicking and punching RoboCop, knocking him off his feet as he continued to try and arrest the Otomo. The android knocked his gun away and as he raised his hand Otomo cut his fingers off, then his whole forearm and hand. As the Otomo prepared to strike again, RoboCop reached for his gunarm attachment and equipped it. The Otomo lifted its sword to strike as RoboCop fired a missile, taking the Otomo's head off. Its headless body swung its sword and fell to the ground.

Otomo from robocop

The Otomo after its head was shot by RoboCop

Later, RoboCop flew into the OCP tower with his flightpack to find McDaggett waiting for him. Two other Otomo androids confronted RoboCop and nearly managed to defeat him until Nikko Halloran succeeded in reprogramming them, forcing them to destroy each other. This, however, triggered the self-destruct in both units. RoboCop reignited his flightpack, the discharge of flame hitting McDaggett's leg and rendering him immobile, and escaped with Nikko and Lazarus, while McDaggett perishes in the blast from the downed Otomo.

Behind the scenesEdit

For some reason, the first Otomo didn't seem to possess a failsafe that caused it to detonate a miniature nuclear device when it was defeated by RoboCop.

Otomo also shares its name with a toy seen in RoboCop: Prime Directives.