Otomo's Face

Otomo is the name of a children's toy. It is essentially a teddy bear but with an internal processor and a computer screen for a face. It is capable of playing games like Tic-tac-toe and reading stories to children. It can also be used as a phone, a pager, a TV, a radio, a flashlight and a knapsack.

In typical RoboCop style there is a TV advertisement for Otomo. After stating all of the things it can be used for it also states "It's a friend."

The advert has multiple children making statements like, "Otomo is cool, I love Otomo, Otomo is my friend, Give me Otomo or I'll hold my breath and die, You're a bad Mummy if you don't buy me Otomo." The advert ends with the Otomo logo and a small note that warns: MAY CAUSE SEIZURES.

Otomo Advert

Dr. David Kaydick, the antagonist for the second half of the series, uses his daughter's Otomo to contact her and arrange a meeting with her, leading to her kidnap and setting his plans in motion.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Otomo shares its name with the robotic ninja known as Otomo from RoboCop 3 (film).
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