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Poulos was assistant to Mayor Marvin Kuzak and OCP's mole on the Detroit City Council.


He went with the Mayor to the OCP building, where the Old Man, Donald Johnson and Holzgang told him that they did not really expect the mayor to pay the city's debt to them since the contract allowed OCP to foreclose the city.

When a mysterious woman offered a solution to the mayor's debt, Poulos felt that the future actually belonged to OCP. He alerted the company, hoping that when they would take over the city, he would be rewarded. OCP had shifted 80% of their liquid resources to the urban pacification plan and if the mayor prevented the foreclosure, they would lose public confidence so they decided to track him and avert the transaction.

Poulos was part of the mayor's retinue to the meeting point with the mysterious team although at first, he tried to dissuade him. Shortly thereafter, the meeting was interrupted by RoboCop 2, who killed nearly everyone in attendance, including Poulos.