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Reed was a sergeant of the Detroit Police Department.


Vandals crime spreeEdit

After RoboCop and Anne Lewis managed to subdue a gang at the OCP Blood Bank, Reed congratulated the cyborg. Lt. Hedgecock responded with anger, but Reed attempted to calm him, stating they were on the same team. He then sent RoboCop and Lewis on patrol as Hedgecock remarked that Omni Consumer Products should have never created RoboCop.

As a crime spree by the Vandals soon raged, Reed was swamped with emergency calls and ordered RoboCop to a crime-in-progress at the Metro South Shopping Center.

RoboCop failed to stop the crime and was returned to the precinct in need of repairs. With the cyborg unable to be on the streets, Reed sent all available units to counter the Vandals' crimes.

When RoboCop managed to stop the Vandals' spree, Reed congratulated him.

The Scrambler's revengeEdit

When RoboCop captured some car thieves, ruining dinner with Lewis, Reed tried to explain to her that RoboCop was only doing his job.

After Roosevelt reported that RoboCop had taken off in his sleep and wandered into town somewhere, Reed informed him that there was a jailbreak at the Metro South Prison and demanded an explanation of the incident.

When RoboCop robbed a bank, Reed reported this incident to Tyler, much to her confusion, as robbing a bank would violate his prime directives and made orders to check his condition before he could harm somebody.

Later, Reed found out that it was the Scrambler who caused RoboCop to commit these crimes.

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