Canadian born actor Richard Eden (born February 13, 1956) is the third actor to don the Robo suit appearing as RoboCop/Murphy in RoboCop: The Series. Chosen from over two hundred candidates Richard prepared himself by watching the video tapes of the two RoboCop movies the whole night before the audition. At the end of the night he knew each movement and action of RoboCop to be able to impress the director.
Alex Murphy (tv)

Richard Eden as Alex Murphy

Eden has gained international recognition for his work in film, television and theatre. His recurring rol in the hit TV series, Santa Barbara, earned him an Emmy Award nomination for best supporting actor.

A student of the American Academ of Dramatic Arts, Richard distinguished himself in the theatre with a Drama Logue Performance Award (DLPA) for his performance of Henry in The Fox, and a DLPA and an L.A. Critics Circle Award nomination for his performance in A Street Car Named Desire.

Richard has also appeared in the feature films: Shootfighter, Cub Fed, Solar Crisis and Crima Task Force. His numerous television credits include Falcon Crest, St Elsewhere, Counterstrike and Secret Service. He was also in talks to play RoboCop once again for the TV miniseries RoboCop: Prime Directives but negotiations fell apart for unknown reasons.

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