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Dynamite Entertainment Continuity[]


Alex Murphy was a police officer in Old Detroit until he was brutally murdered by a gang in a warehouse. What remained of Murphy's mind and body was taken by the Omni Consumer Products corporation and was used to create the perfect blend of man and machine, RoboCop: The Future of Law Enforcement.

RoboCop (2010 comic series)[]

While he was chasing some criminals with his partner, Officer Lewis, RoboCop jumped in the OCP armoured car that the criminals took in order to save some police officers that were being held as hostages inside of it, but he later encountered an horde of ED209's, the droids killed both the criminals, the hostages and damaged Murphy's body due to him being in the crossfire.

Later in the police station, Edwina Odenkirk presented herself and made clear the new rules on Detroit, firing all the cops from the police department to replaced them with ED209's in order to cut costs, except for RoboCop.

Despite Murphy's attempt at leaving, Edwina explained that OCP legally owns at least 92% of his body so in order to not be dismembered he had to stay alongside the ED209b's as a human figurehead for the public. And as an incentive and a bonus, they had one of the scientist at OCP recover all of Murphy's memories.

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