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Data East

Realtime Associates

Platforms Arcade
Genre Platform, Shoot 'em Up!
Release Dates 1991

RoboCop 2 is a 1991 arcade game based on the film of the same name. The game plays similar to a beat em up/shoot em up, with Robocop having to kill all enemies before he can progress. When close to enemies, Robocop can punch and throw his foes. Different guns such as a rocket launcher can be found.

Certain level sections occasionally switch the play style such as a shooting gallery style, using the crosshair to target distant foes. Then there are first person levels where Robocop is riding on the highway and shooting out at other vehicles.

The game have a maximum of two players which is conformed by RoboCop and a light blue clone.




  • ED-209 (Twice in the Japanese version, one time in occidental)
  • Dick Jones (Japanese version only)
  • A Punk with a chainsaw (Two if there's two players)
  • A pilot riding a combat robot (Twice)
  • Catzo mutated by radioactive liquid
  • A robot with a riffle on his nose
  • Cain/RoboCop 2 (Fought multiple times)



  • The enemies from Sector 3 can be a reference to Emil Antonowsky's mutation on radioactive liquid from the first movie.
  • Though never referred to by name, the criminal knocked into a pit of toxic waste has a unique Elvis Presley design identical to Catzo from the film. Earlier scripts for the movie had Catzo die when he fell into a vat of nuke, though Catzo becoming a mutant is similar to Emil as mentioned above.
  • Robocop 2/Cain speaks in the game when he didn't in the movie.
  • The palette of the second player Robocop resembles the color scheme of Robocop in the second film, whilst the player one Robocop has the same color scheme as the first movie's Robocop costume.