RoboCop Wiki

Some of the articles on the RoboCop Wiki may be poorly written, contain poor grammar, excessive or clustered photos, text directly copied from other websites (such as Wikipedia), or an excess of red links or external links.

How can I help?[]

If you see an article that has any of the above, you can improve it by improving grammar, removing photos or moving them to a gallery at the end of the page, replace copied content with the information in your own words (though remember to keep it encyclopedic!), or create pages for the red links or replace them with unformatted text if the linked subject is not worthy of an article here.

Marking an article for cleanup[]

If you come across an article that needs cleanup, you can either clean it up now or mark it so you or someone else can help later. To mark an article, simply add {{cleanup}} to the top of the page, which will add the following template:

I'm a mess.jpg Murphy, I'm a mess.

This article needs to be cleaned up to conform to a higher standard of quality. Please edit this page to improve it. Feel free to discuss this cleanup on the article's talk page.