The RoboCop program was a program at OCP's Security Concepts Division, under the direction of Bob Morton, that aimed to use advanced cybernetic technology to enhance the abilities of a human "donor," melding modern technology and years of on-the-street experience into the best hybrid police machine the world has ever seen. The project was undertaken as a contingency plan to back up the Enforcement Droid Series series developed under the oversight of OCP Senior Vice President Dick Jones.

Although the program was a success and generated much positive publicity for the firm, OCP's later follow-on project RoboCop 2 was burdened with numerous failures, culminating in a public malfunction that led to an explosive battle at the press conference where Delta City was to have been unveiled. This, and the resultant scandal involving an assassination attempt against the mayor of Detroit, was an embarrassment for the company and may have been partially responsible for the later takeover of Omni Consumer Products by Japan's Kanemitsu Corporation.

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