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Roger Hedgecock was the leader of the Detroit Police Department's SWAT team, also the worst police officer on the force: incompetent and arrogant with a huge overzealous complex towards RoboCop.


Vandals crime spree[]

Responding to a robbery, Hedgecock arrived with the SWAT force at the OCP Blood Bank and ordered his men to surround it. Hedgecock ordered the robbers to surrender, but the leader responded by destroying a police car and threatened to do the same to the Blood Bank. Unbeknownst to Hedgecock RoboCop and Anne Lewis then ambushed the robbers. RoboCop detonated a bomb by throwing it in the sky.

Back at the station, Hedgecock reprimanded RoboCop for his tactics in taking down the gang. Sgt. Reed reminded him they were on the same team, but nevertheless, Hedgecock wished OCP had never built RoboCop.

During a crime spree by the Vandals, Hedgecock assured Media Break viewers that the situation would soon be under control. However, an explosion then occurred behind Hedgecock and the television reporter.

Hedgecock and his team responded to a robbery at the Federal Reserve Gold Depository, but were unable to stop the gang, angering Hedgecock.

The Scrambler's revenge[]

When RoboCop was brainwashed by the Scrambler, Hedgecock led his force to stop the brainwashed RoboCop from destroying OCP. They cornered him in an OCP factory, but he escaped.