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Dr. Roger Yung was instrumental in developing RoboCop's neural circuitry, helmet and Auto 9 pistol.


After leaving OCP to found the company CyberTech, Dr. Yung conceived a plan to use 142 medically brain dead Cryo-Vets to create an army of RoboCops. The plan was stalled by Reverend Robert Taker's crusade to have RoboCop shut down on the basis of his own religious beliefs. Yung killed the reverend utilizing prototypes of RoboCop's gun and helmet in an attempt to frame him for the murder.[1]

When RoboCop was investigated for the murder, Yung advised against the cyborg's shutdown, instead supporting the idea of RoboCop being able to defend himself in an internal affairs investigation. A starstruck Charlie Lippencott then asked Yung for his assistance in uncovering the cyborg's refusal to violate his first directive, which kept potential evidence hidden.[1]

Yung attended RoboCop's hearing the following morning, where RoboCop and Madigan escaped together after Mayor Fred Friendly ordered a full investigation alongside the cyborg's shutdown.[1]

Later, Lippencott visited Yung at his lab, correctly surmising that Taker had been killed by someone using a prototype of RoboCop's gun and helmet, a theory Yung quickly confirmed, holding Lippencott at gunpoint as he explained that he killed Taker to prevent his Cryo-Vet project from being shut down and framed RoboCop so he could perform a full autopsy. Further planning to frame Lippencott for RoboCop's killing, Yung was distracted by a camera feed of Madigan and Smith entering the building, allowing an opportunity for Lippencott to attack him. The struggle lasted long enough for Smith and Madigan to enter, the former holding Yung at gunpoint as Charlie identified him as Taker's killer. As he lowered his weapon, Yung turned off the lab's lights and put on the prototype helmet, allowing him to see the others with thermographic vision, leading to a gunfight. As Yung prepared to kill Lippencott, Madigan, and Smith, RoboCop arrived and shot the prototype gun from Yung's hand and subdued him, placing him under arrest.[1]